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MacBook Pro comes with a new and updated fingerprint ID recognition system to unlock your personal user account. Some users have found several problems with this update, such as the Touch ID system refusing to be set up, the system not functioning and so on. Here are some of the common ways to fix them:

Starting all over again:

One strategy to fix any bug on your Touch ID is to begin entering your unlocking fingerprint again. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Click on the Apple logo on the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘System Preferences’
  • Select the ‘Touch ID’ icon that looks like a red fingerprint
  • A list of fingerprints you have entered will appear in the pop-up window. For every fingerprint you have entered, there will be one icon.
  • Hover your mouse over each fingerprint and you’ll see a delete option in the form of an ‘X’. Click on the ‘X’ to delete that fingerprint you have entered. You’ll need to enter your Macbook password to delete it. Repeat for all the fingerprints you have entered until there’s none left.
  • Restart your MacBook Pro.
  • Once your desktop is displayed, begin the process again by clicking on the Apple icon and following the first three steps of this guide.
  • Select ‘Add a Fingerprint’ and follow the instructions. Make sure you move your finger around while the system is scanning in order for a complete scan of your fingerprint to register. Your finger should also be as clean and dry as possible. Try to press your finger down with even pressure all around to avoid errors while scanning.
  • Once your fingerprint has been added, shut down and restart your MacBook to try the Touch ID. If this doesn’t work, try updating your Mac OS software in the ‘App Store’ icon.